Nails of the Week (Special Edition)

In honor of relaunching my nail art business, I wanted to share my latest color wheel with a sample of some designs I do.



Clock Out for What?

In a standard full-time job situation, you’d get to work at 9, leave at 5/5:30, and move on with your life for what’s left of your 24 hours. Unfortunately, in some cases, like the office I work at, the norm is to physically leave work but never mentally leave it.

I’m convinced these people have dreams about the company every night and bring it up in conversation a bars on the weekends, or maybe don’t even make it to the bar because they’re busy working from home.

On any given morning when I log in on my work laptop, I’ll see emails in my inbox sent from people as late as midnight the night before. Most people here have their work emails synced to their personal email, so they’re constantly plugged in even when they’re far away from the office.

I personally don’t want my work self to leave my cubicle unless I’m working predetermined overtime. Letting this job consume my every thought and free moment even when overtime isn’t involved is NOT an option for me. Work-life balance is important, but when most people nix the second part altogether, it affirms that I don’t want to suffer the same fate.

When I leave the office, I leave my work self behind along with it. On the weekends, I do my best to keep work out of my head. It’s way easier said than done, but the difference is I don’t act on it like these people do. This job pays well, but not well enough that I’d sacrifice my time beyond 40 hours each week. To some people here, this is a career, a dream. But to me, this is a job that I don’t want my life to fall victim to in the short time I’m here (because it will be short).

Here’s the Deal

This blog has no purpose and every purpose at the same time. It’s going to be my source of sanity during this tough time in my life where I’m coming to terms with what I want to do and realizing what I have no tolerance for.

Two passions I’ve held onto over the years are writing and nail art. Writing has been my thing for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the few things I’ve always loved and always been good at, from writing short stories to novels to articles and everywhere in between. Nail art is a newer love, something I started right before going off to college. Over the past few years I’ve studied up, mastered tips and tricks, and expanded my design repertoire through doing my own nails and others.

I try to balance my head and my heart when making choices but sometimes my head wins in a landslide. My head decided that despite majoring in and getting a degree in Writing, it wouldn’t be the right career path. All the laughs and starving artist comments I received over the years mounted against me and I sought out a professional alternative. I thought about nail art some more, maybe getting my nail tech license, also laughable apparently.

In both writing and nail design, my head told me the opportunities were too small and the competition was too large. And the money just wouldn’t be enough. So I decided to pursue marketing & PR. I thought, “I can still be creative, just in a different outlet, and make more money.” But now I’m having second, and third, and fourth thoughts about whether or not that will be possible.

To say I’ve lost sight of my dream would be an understatement. I’m not sure when I became jaded and decided to sell myself and my aspirations short, but I refuse to do so anymore. Even though it’s taken a backseat for a while, I’m going to keep writing, because it’s what makes me feel human; like I’m contributing to the greater scheme, even if no one is reading the words I write yet. I’ll make the time for the things I love, including my nails, because I’m tired of caring what other people think and need to be my own damn person. Some days I’ll write about something I hate, some days I’ll write about something I love, some days I’ll just post a photo of my nails. Whether in words or painted fingers, this is an expression of myself as an artist, a journey towards rediscovery and new discoveries. If you want to join me for the ride, subscribe. And welcome.